Thursday, April 15, 2010

10 Months

Heavens, my baby is 10 months...well, almost 11 now. How does time go by so fast?!? I think I've said something like that before. ;o)

Here are some pictures of my cute little girl:
The big milestone this month: crawling. Crawling crawling crawling. My peace is SOOOOOOO over! It was actually really cool. I was on the phone with my sister Amy who was calling from the airport on her way to Taiwan for her mission and Hannah started crawling!!! While I was talking to her!!! It was like she was there to share the moment. :o) As was the rest of my family (we were on a conference call.) So that was pretty cool.

It's really funny, she'll climb up on our treadmill and look at me like, "Are you going to come and get me mom?" And when I start coming toward her she crawls as fast as she can up the treadmill toward the front. She tries desperately to get to the front and crawl up off the edge. Silly little girl. I know she'll fall down and hurt herself, but she just keeps trying. Sigh, such is the life of a crawler.

She also got her two upper teeth...well, at least one of them...I can't remember if the other came before or after she turned 10 months, but it was somewhere around there.

She also started doing a lot of this:
This has actually caused me more headaches than the crawling lately...especially today. She can pick herself up on just about anything, but she's not very good at getting down. That means lots of falling and bumps on head and crying. It's a pain.

Wow, that sounds kind of cold and heartless doesn't it. I wasn't cold and heartless at the beginning of the day. But man! After a day of constant climbing and falling and crying...especially on things that she's climbed, falled, and cried on's empathy is stretched a bit. Don't worry, I always still picked her up and comforted her and made sure she was okay, but man, I was happy when bedtime finally came around.

Even with all the trying days, I love my little girl.

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j@nAe said...

No worries, you don't sound cold and heartless. You just sound like a mother who knows much better than any perfect stranger what your baby does consistently enough to be frustrating. :)