Friday, April 30, 2010

Tulip Festival

While Bart was gone I also met up with two of my best friends since High School and headed off to the Tulip Festival.

Warning: this is a post about the Tulip Festival, so you're not interested in seeing lots of pictures of flowers just stop reading now. ;o)
Feeding Koi Fish
Fish Kiss
The best part of the whole trip was that there was nobody waiting at home for us, so we could just stay as long as we wanted without worrying about being late. And we did. We got there around 10:30 and stayed until like 6:00 visiting! It was awesome! I love the Tulip Festival.


Maylin said...

Gorgeous!!!! Those are some great pictures. Spring is so fun!

Lori said...

Where is the tulip festival? Those are such beautiful pictures!

The Foulgers said...

Your pictures turned out beautiful. It makes me want to try harder to go next year.

loni and dave said...

How fun! I still haven't made it up the the Tulip Festival. I've got to! Looks like your girls had a wonderful time. And you made a full day out of it!

By the way, I really miss you guys!

Polly said...

I went last year. It was awesome. I took hundreds of pics, especially close ups of the flowers. Then went to Staples and had them turn them into note cards for me, to use for Mother's Day. They came out wonderful. When I went last year, it was so hot that particular day, there is no way I could have lasted until 6PM. We lasted about 3 hours, and lots of walking, not a lot of shade. But just a spectacular place.