Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Warning to those with google reader

I tried to document some things of my pregnancy and haven't posted them. I am planning on posting them momentarily, so sorry for the bombardment for those of you with google reader...or some other blog reader...feel free to ignore them. They're not all that interesting...P.S. Thank HEAVENS I'm not having twins!


Ashley said...

hahahahahahahahah hey it falls in the family!!!! :)

janae said...

I loved your posts! I thought they were really fun! I'm crossing my fingers that zophran does it for you. Unisom will usually take of the edge for me - as long as I sleep 12 or so hours a night! With numbers two and three I would go to be right after the kids (so 8ish) and not get up until 8 ... or 9. :) Gotta love fab husbands! Good luck - and I hope you're better by Christmas!! (Should you be?? Have you calculated that out yet?)