Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bless Cubby

I was saying prayers with Addison while I was putting her to bed yesterday. Sometimes I say the prayer, and sometimes I help her say it. I had decided to just say it that night, but as I started praying, she copied everything I said, so I decided to let her continue. This is how the rest of the prayer went.

Mom: Bless Daddy
Addison: Bless Daddy
Mom: Bless Eric
Addison: Bless Eric...and Amy.
(this is the first time she's ever initiated anything in a prayer, so I decide to run with it.)
Mom: And Amy.
Addison: Bless Grandma
Mom: Bless Grandma
Addison: Bless Papa
Mom: Bless Papa
Addison: Bless Cubby
(Cubby is my parent's dog)
Mom: Bless Cubby
Addison: (Long Pause...I decided to start prompting again)
Mom: Bless Mommy
Addison: Um....Bless Cubby
Mom: Bless the baby
Addison: Bless Cubby
Mom: Help Addison Sleep through the night
Addison: Bless Cubby
Mom: In the name of Jesus Christ...
Addison: Amen!

We told Addison we were going to visit my parents next week, and ever since then she's been SOOOO excited to see Grandma and Papa and Cubby....and Cubby...and Cubby. And Cubby.


Dave.Loni.Peyton.Ava said...

That is so dang cute! I love it when little kids start to say prayers on their own. They are so sincere. I hope Addison has a fun time with Cubby!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ashley said...

Aww that is very sweet!! At least you know that she's going to have fun playing with Cubby!! ;) Hope you have a good week, and a Happy Thanksgiving!!! Love ya hope you are doing a little better!!

Amy Collyer said...

I love this story! Even if Addison does love Cubby more than all of us...

shay said...

We love Cubby too--at least my girls do! Your parents dog has become legend at our house. So cute that Cubby is who Addison is excited to see!

Christa Jeanne said...

Hahaha, Rebecca, this had me laughing out loud!!! What a cutie!

And if I were Addison, I'd probably be thrilled to see Cubby, too. After all, I still get more excited to see my parents' dogs when I drop by than I am to see the people. No offense to the people - but dogs are just so danged cute!