Wednesday, November 05, 2008


So the latest thing with Addison is "Myself!" She ALWAYS wants to do things "Myself!" A.K.A. by herself. Get up into her chair, get up and down from her car seat, put her coat away, and this morning it was getting dressed.

I was actually pretty excited because lately she's been telling me, "Jamies back on." Which means she doesn't want to get out of her pajamas before I take her to Robyn's, which means I have to pack a backpack of her clothes that Robyn can change her into.

So when she told me she wanted, "Clothes Myself" This morning I happily took her to her dresser to help pick out the clothes she could put on herself. She pointed to a drawer that had only blankets in it. I explained that there were no clothes in that drawer and tried to talk her into an outfit of my choosing. She assured me, "Blanket Clothes." I opened the drawer to show her there were only blankets in there. She pulled out a blanket, draped it over her shoulders and said, "Wear Blanket." I asked her, "You want to wear a blanket today?" "Yeah!" I looked out the window at the first snowfall, then back down at my baby wearing nothing but a diaper and a blanket-cape, and wondered if turning this into a learning moment would be considered child abuse.

I decided not to risk it and was finally able to convince her that she could wear real clothes and a blanket. Fortunately she was even willing to give up her blanket cape if she could put on her winter coat "myself!" Ah the joys of motherhood.

P.S. I do have pictures of Halloween...hopefully I will eventually be able to post them.


Amy Collyer said...

I am glad you decided not to make it a learning moment! I love you!

janae said...

So cute! Yeah, we've been practicing our 'gift of persuasion' on Seara as well. I always wondered why the D&C listed that as a gift of the Spirit, but now I know. It is a serious talent to be able to persuade a toddler to do what you want!

The Vach Family said...

HAHA! You've gotta love it! Braden is doing the exact same thing. Some days it quite frustraiting when we're in a hurry, but they've got to learn some how right??

Mark and Aubrey said...

She is getting so big, what a cutie.