Monday, November 17, 2008

Nausea and Turkey

So I have decided I will never again be in the first trimester during Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I LOVE to cook! So I LOVE trying out recipes at Thanksgiving.

This year, I can barely choke down cold cereal, let alone handle all the used-to-be-wonderful smells of the holiday. Our family has been lucky if we have three actual meals a week. I have purposely tried not to think about all the food I love because I'm worried if I think about something I'll suddenly be running for the toilette, and there will be no chance of me being able to choke it down on the blessed Turkey day.

I do have a secrete weapon in my back pocket though: Zophran. This, from what I hear, is an anti-nausea medication often given to Chemo patients. The stuff that my doctor prescribed for me does absolutely nothing, so he gave me a prescription for Zophran. The down side: my insurance won't pay for it...stupid insurance...oh well, I can have a baby for $100, so I really shouldn't complain. This little pill is a little dose of heaven (according to several friends). Unfortunately, a 10 day supply costs like $75!!! This price dashes any hopes I may have had of not being nauseous for the rest of the holiday season, but we have decided we will get one dose in hopes of a semi-decent Turkey day (not to mention a semi-decent plane ride to and from California).

I plan on starting it next Sunday...the countdown is on!!!


Ashley said...

ok so do you have any preferences as to what your going to have this time? Do you have your due date yet? Was this one planned?? (If you don't mind me asking)

Christa Jeanne said...

Oh, honey! I'm so sorry to hear that. No fun! Well, since you're past the first trimester, the nausea should be wearing off soon, right? (we hope!!!)

Can't wait to see you next week!!! Love, love, love!

The Jones Family said...

oh let me tell you DON'T BUY THE GENERIC! I tried it but it does NOT work. a friend (who's a doctor) told us that you have to get the real stuff (zophran) generic doesn't work in this case. wish I had known that!

too bad it's SOO exepnsive, tell me how it works!

and CONGRATS! I had no idea you were preggo...and 12 weeks along? you should be over the sickness in 3 weeks or less...just in time for Christmas is my guess!

I'm SO excited for you!!!!!

Mark and Aubrey said...

I so wish I had known about this last year when I was pregnant. I couldn't eat anything but pasta and bread. I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving despite the smell of all the food.