Monday, June 09, 2008

The Race We Didn't Run

So this weekend was the Art City Day's Family Fun Run/Walk. Last year we ran this 5k and decided we would make it an annual tradition. After the race they give away tons of cool prizes! Last year I got a water cooler and a camping mat....and those were some of the lamer ones.

So this year my parents were also in town. I was so excited! Amy was also going to run it with us, so we were all going to run or walk the race. It was going to be so much fun! Then last week Addison got sick. I thought, "Well, Bart takes her for walks every day anyway...being outside won't hurt her even if she is still sick." Then I got sick, and I thought, "Well, even if I am still feeling sick, worst case scenario I can walk it with Addison and my mom."

Well, the day of the race came and Addison and I were still sick...and it was raining!!! The weather report had been sunny, mid 70s all week!!! WHERE THE HECK DID THIS RAIN COME FROM!?!?!

I got up, got dressed and thought, "Surely it will stop by the time we get there." We all got in the car and drove to the race...and it didn't stop. As we waited in the car for the rain to stop, I thought, "Shirley it will stop before the race actually starts." Nope. People started leaving their cars and heading for the starting rain that was even heavier than when we started!!!

I decided that although taking a walk in dry weather probably wouldn't hurt Addison, taking a walk in pouring rain probably wouldn't be the best thing for her. If I hadn't been feeling so horrible, I probably would have just sent my mom home with her, but I wasn't too fond of the mental image I was conjuring of me soaked, throat burning and breathing through my mouth because I was so congested.

Finally we all decided to call it quits and go out to breakfast...which ended up being pretty fun. I was still pretty sad that we didn't get to do the race together, but since the rain got even worse and didn't stop for the next hour and a half, I felt a little better about our decision. Oh well. I'm still planning on running the Spanish Fork 5k and there will always be next year for the family fun run...

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