Monday, June 30, 2008

As If We Need More Stress

So last week (Tuesday-ish) Bart told me he had a sore throat. I wrote it off to our new ceiling fan blowing on him all night, and figured it'd get better on it's own. Wednesday he left for Moab, Friday was the funeral, Saturday was the Wedding, so I hadn't really thought about it again...until yesterday.

Bart said, "Rebecca, my throat is really hasn't gone away." I grabbed my flashlight, looked down his throat, and made my official diagnosis: "I really don't want you to be sick on our trip, so you better go the doctor." (Even though I still secretly thought he was just being a baby and that it didn't hurt that bad).

So he called and made an appointment with the doctor for today. He went in and they actually ran tests! Tests! I guess my "being a baby" theory was incorrect...more evidence that my decision not to go into the medical field was a good one.

They tested him for two types of strep...the first test was instantaneous, and negative, so he doesn't have strep... A I think it is...but the other test results the ones for Strep B (is this the same type of strep they tested me for when I had Addison?) will be in Wednesday morning...yes, that is the morning we leave. Lovely.

And she also thought it might be Mono! MONO?!? Are you kidding me? Those test results won't be in until after Africa, but I just think that's crazy. Who thinks, "Hm...I have a sore throat...maybe I have mono."

The ironic thing is that Bart is always teasing me that I have mono because I'm always tired (I think it has more to do with a crying daughter and a small bladder constantly waking me at night than a medical condition). Wouldn't that be horrible if I actually did have it and then gave it to him!?!?! RIGHT BEFORE WE LEAVE FOR AFRICA!!! Suck. I hope it's not mono.

Fortunately the doctor prescribed an antibiotic for him, so he's picking that up today, and hopefully that will cure his mysterious sore throat.


the Ricks said...

Nu-uh! I swear, when it rains, it pours!! I sure hope it's nothing and that the antibiotic works well so that your trip turns out marvelously! I'm just hoping its something little that is being greatly exacerbated by the emotional stress Bart has been through lately. I mean, everything is worse when life is hard, right? I'll cross my fingers!

Amy Collyer said...

Ugh! When it rains, it pours! I hope everythign turns out alright!

Amy Collyer said...

oops, I just realize dI used the same clice as the ricks...forgive me... ;)

Jonathan and Tabitha said...

Ah man... I hope it's nothing serious and that he's better soon. Flying can weaken an immune system too, so make sure he drinks lots and takes his vitamins!

The Jones Family said...

I'll pray super hard it's not mono and that he'll be better for your trip!!!