Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Age of Deception

Yesterday my mom came into town and we went to Goodwood for dinner. Toward the end of dinner, Addison was getting restless, so I took her outside to run around. There are a bunch of white rocks for the landscaping just outside the restaurant and a walking path pretty close to them.

Well, Addison ran over to the rock bed, grabbed a rock, ran to the path, and placed the rock on the path. Picturing some poor rollerblader tripping over the rock in the middle of the road (not that I've had any experience with that on THIS EXACT TRAIL or anything) I grabbed the rock and said, "Addison, please leave the rocks alone," as I put it back in the rock bed. She grabbed another rock, ran to the trail, and set it down on the trail. I said, "Addison no! Please don't do that." And put the rock back. Addison ran to the rock bed again and grabbed some rocks. I said, "Addison, if you put the rock on the trail one more time, we're going back inside." She froze in place looking at me.

I was looking her in the eye, but out of the corner of my eye I noticed that she had not one, but two rocks in her hand now. She moved her hand away from me, and grabbed one of the rocks with her other hand. While hiding the hand that was originally holding both rocks (and was now still holding one) she showed me the other hand putting the rock back where it had been, never breaking eye contact with me. She then stood up with the hand that still held the rock behind her back, and watched me. I could just see in her little eyes that she was thinking, "Does she know I still have a rock?" I decided not to comment and see what she would do.

When I didn't say anything, she got really excited and ran back toward the restaurant. She motioned to me that she wanted to go inside with the hand that wasn't hiding the rock. I opened the door and she ran to where my mom and sister were sitting. When she got there she excitedly held out the rock for my mom and sister to see. She then looked back and me with a very triumphant smile.

I realized, "OH MY GOSH! MY BABY JUST TRIED TO DECEIVE ME!!!" I couldn't believe it. She's only one and she's already reached the age of deception!


The Jones Family said...

clever little girl isn't she?!!! I love when Thatcher does things like that...it shows such a cute little devious side...of course I try not to encourage the disobedience, but I sure can't help but laugh most times!!

Ashley said...

ya i would agree.. that is TOO GOOD of a story not to be told.. it had to be told!! She's pretty clever!!
I know that there a few times Lizzy has tried to pull fast ones on me sometimes. She just tries so hard to do things and get away with it, like i don't know what she's doing :D crazy kids!! It's pretty funny like when we go to the grocery store, she will get in the basket for just a few minutes. and then she thinks that it is funny to just start crying a little or something. so we take her out and then she pushes herself down. I tell her "you have to stay in the basket." And that's when she looks at me and says somewhat with her eyes " OH YA.. WATCH ME! :)" then she's down and running half way through the store already :) can't help to laugh because she will run down the aisle and wave to whoever.!!!! 'HI' 'HI' :)