Tuesday, June 17, 2008

May Video, Roses, and Cute Onsies

Okay, so first of all, isn't this like the cutest onsie you have ever seen! I got it, as well as nine others, and two feety pajamas for Addison on Saturday when I went up to Park City with Tabitha, Haas & Christa. And everything only cost like $25!!! Isn't that awesome!!!

Well Bart is up in Ogden for a CTE conference. He left yesterday and Comes home on Thursday. Yesterday when I got home from work and he had cut me these roses from the garden. They smell SOOOOOOOOOO good! You walk in our door and immediately smell roses. It's AWESOME!!!

Okay, and now for the moment I know you have all been waiting for...our May video. I think Bart may kill me for using a country song, but we do live where the green grass grows! Just look at our lawn in the video!


the Ricks said...

Just so you know, my kids LOVE your movies!!

The Jones Family said...

I absolutely loved that video! seeing Bart and Addy playing in the grass was just precious!