Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there. We had a great father's day here. I made Bart a steak dinner with corn, fruit salad, and a coconut cream pie. It was very yummy.

Bart spent the day lounging, playing video games, watching the basketball game, and reading. He also played with Addison. She discovered the joys of hiding under a blanket and having her dad tickle her. It was really cute, at one point Addison put the blanket over her head, and then held up her hands out side the blanket and said, "Come on!" motioning for Bart to come under the blanket with her. Bart & I just started cracking up! I wish I had gotten it on Video.

I think my favorite thing about Bart is how much he absolutely loves Addison. I love seeing him play with her, or pick her up spontaneously and give her a big hug. He's such a great dad. I remember my mom telling me when I was young that one of the best things I could do for my future daughters was marry someone who would be a good father to them. I did good. :o)

Here are a few pictures of the bonding today.
Okay, now a tribute to the rest of the Fathers in my life.
First of all, My dad. Let me tell you, I genuinely think that I have the greatest dad in the world! Whenever I talk to my brothers and sisters, we all remember dad working hard, but we also never felt neglected by him. He always made time for us, and let us know that we were important to him. He was always up for whatever antics we would come up with. I remember one time we were on a trip where we were going through a lot of tunnels. Whenever we went into one, all us kids would hold our hands in the air and try and hold our breath all the way through the tunnel. On the last one my dad, who was driving, took a deep breath, and held threw hands up as we entered the tunnel. My mom screamed, "Glen!" and grabbed the wheel. All of us kids were laughing our heads off! We thought it was AWESOME!!!
Now that I have a daughter, I also LOVE how much she loves him. My parents were up last weekend visiting, and my dad had to leave last Sunday early in the morning, before Addison got up. As we got to church, one of the men in the ward was leaning in his car getting one of his kids out of a car seat. He had a similar build to my dad, so when Addison saw him, she yelled, "PAPA!" She was so disappointed when he came out of the car and she saw that it wasn't him. I'm so grateful that my daughter can also feel the love that my dad has for her. I'm so grateful that he's part of her life too.
I also love my Grandpa Collyer. Whenever I think of him I think of quiet dignity. He is such a great example to me. Whenever I think of good Character, he and my dad are the first people that come to mind. I also love seeing him playing with his grandchildren, and now his great grand children. You can just see the pride and love he has for them. I love it!
I love my Grandpa Timms as well. Whenever I am with him, I can't help but smile! He is so fun loving and happy. I love listening to his stories. I swear I could just sit and listen to him for hours. And I love how, when I talk to him, he is always telling me how wonderful my Grandma is, or my mom is, or how proud of them he is. I just love him. He is so wonderful.
I also love my Father in Law. He is going through so much, but he is keeping such a great attitude! I also love seeing how much he loves Addison. When Addison was born, we took pictures of everyone in the family with her. That Christmas, he quietly came up to Bart & I and handed us the picture we had taken of him and her that he had put a Christmas border around and turned into a magnet. He said, "It's Santa and Baby Jesus." I laughed and said, "Wow! Who knew Jesus was a girl." He said, "Shhh...don't tell anyone." I was laughing so hard!
Addison loves him too. She always gets excited when she sees him...and every picture she sees of a man with a beard is "Pop Pop!" The other day Maralee stopped by on her way up to the hospital. Zeke wasn't with her, but as soon as Addison saw it was Maralee in the car, she strained to see who was with her and called out, "Pop pop?!?" It was so cute.
Unfortunately, both of Bart's grandpas died before Bart & I had even met. I love listening to him talk about them though. He has great memories of them. I am grateful for them and the influence they had on him growing up. I know that they, in part, made him the man that I love today, and I will be forever grateful for that.

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