Saturday, October 27, 2007

Happy Pre-Halloween Week

Well, pretty much all week I cleaned the house...something that was way overdue. It was getting so cluttered it was driving me crazy. It was hard because Addison demands so much attention when she's awake, and she hasn't been taking very long naps lately, but I got it done. I basically took about a room a day and not only de-cluttered, but also deep cleaned. I still have our bedroom and the craft room to do, but It feels really nice to have the downstairs and most of the upstairs done.

Addison has learned how to shake her head, and she LOVES doing it when I'm feeding her. I'm almost positive that she doesn't know what it means though. I'll hold up something for her to eat and she shakes her head, then I move it closer to her mouth and she eats it, so she's not saying she doesn't want it. I'm not looking forward to the day that she does know what it means.

She's been eating relatively well lately. I even got her to eat some chili with meat in it today. I was really excited. The only thing that is driving me crazy is that when she's done, she'll grab the food, and throw it over the side of her tray. In books I've read it tells you to stop feeding them if they throw food, but this is her signal that she's done, so taking the food away from her doesn't really do anything. I finally just put a trash can on the right side of her high chair. That way when she throws it, at least it lands in the trash.

I think the highlight of the week was our chili cookoff/costume party today. We had some friends (and my sister) over, ate yummy chili and corn bread, played some games, and visited. It was a lot of fun. It was cute seeing every one's costumes too.

Bart and I were adventurers and Addison was a giraffe. We bought Addison's costume about a month ago. Today when I went to put it on her it was too short! I could fit her in it, but she couldn't straighten her legs while she was in it, so she basically had the costume on for the picture, and was running around in a onsie for the rest of the time. At least we got a cute picture. :o)

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Maylin said...

That is a cute picture! Bart actually looks like he belongs on Animal Planet or something! That's really good that Addison has such good aim to get her food in the trash can and a great idea on your part!