Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Picky Picky Picky

So Addison has become a very picky eater! Last week all she would eat was whole wheat noodles, and honey dew. This week it's pears and corn chex cereal. I keep trying to introduce and re-introduce new foods to her, but she refuses to even open her mouth for them. On Sunday she did eat oatmeal and a tiny bit of squash, but for the most part eating has been a real challenge.

She's funny too because she'll come basically beg for a salad I'm eating, but when I try to give part of it to her, she refuses to even taste it. Crazy little girl.

She has also started to really love dancing. The little car Bart got her for her birthday sings songs when she opens the trunk or turns the key or pushes the radio button, or whatever, so whenever it starts singing, she starts dancing. It totally cracks me up.

Bart and I were talking about whether or not dancing is an inherent part of a human being. So far we've never really taught her to dance (I know, I know, for those of you who have seen Bart and me on a dance floor that's pretty hard to believe, but true). So we were wondering where she learned to dance from. Where ever she did, it's pretty darn cute. I'm going to try and get a video of it.

Well I have been very busy. I'm trying to finish a digital scrapbook of Addison's first year. It's coming along pretty well, it's just slow. I can hardly ever work on it when Addison is awake because she hates it when I'm at the computer if she's awake. She will come over, stand up next to me and just whine until I either pick her up or get down and play with her. She doesn't seem to mind if I'm doing anything else, it's just working on the computer that upsets her. Silly little girl.
I have also really started getting into Goodreads.com. My sister told me about it a while ago, and I signed up, but I hadn't really put much on there. Then, the past few weeks some co-workers have been talking about it a lot and kept telling me to add them as friends, so I finally did. Now I'm trying to get as many books as I can remember reading on there. It's pretty fun. I like getting ideas of what to read next by looking at my friend's reviews. Lots of fun. If any of you want to add me, I'm signed up with my regular hotmail email.

Bart is writing a technology grant for his classroom. It is seriously ALL he talks about these days!!! Even though I think it's cool, I must admit, I'm going to be glad when it's all over because I'm a little sick of hearing about it. He's going to try to get some computers with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Correll paint on it. He has some really awesome ideas. I really do hope he gets it. It would make it so he could do a ton of really awesome things with his students.

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