Tuesday, October 16, 2007

100 loads of laundery in the washer

The Wednesday before conference my parents came up for my dad's J. Reuben Clark Law Society meeting. It was a lot of fun seeing them. My dad was mostly at meetings, but we got to see him Thursday evening which was a lot of fun.

My mom taped Addison talking and then "translated." It was so stinking funny!!! I swear I have NEVER heard her talk so muhc!!! It was adorable!!! She also got the cutest picture of Addison Kissing her!

It was fun seeing my family, but our visit was short because that Friday we left to go to St. George to visit Bart's Family. His sister who lives in St. George just had a baby, and his brother was going to run the marathon, so we all decided to go down. It was a lot of fun. It was fun seeing everyone and seeing the new baby.
When we got back, though, things were not so fun. Monday morning when I went to get Addison up, she had thrown up durring the night! She didn't even cry! She must have just thrown up and gone back to bed. We had tried feeding her some spagetti-o type things the night before, so I thought that maybe they just didn't sit well.

I took her to Amy's and told her to call me at work if she threw up again. About 15 min after I got to work, sure enough I get a call. And that call was the beginning of a MISERABLE week!!! I was able to work from home, but when Addison was awake, she just wanted me to hold her, so I could only work while she was asleep. To make things worse, it was quarter end, so I had to work a ton!!! Fortunately Bart had Thursday and Friday off, so he stayed home with her those days.
It was so sad though. I'd set her down and sit next to her, and she'd climb up on me and look at me like, "What's wrong with me mom?" And then sit on my lap laying against me. And that was pretty much all she did while she was awake. Lay on my lap. If she wasn't on my lap, then right before she threw up, she'd lay on her tummy. It was so sad! She looked so sad! It really made me want to cry.

Whenever she threw up I'd try and catch it in a bowl, but she didn't know she was supposed to throw up in the bowl, so she always tried to turn away. Then, when she was done, she was curious about what was in the bowl and try to touch it. It was really gross.

Then, on Wednesday, she got diahrea! I feel like every time I went into her room after a nap, or in the morning, she had either thrown up, or her poop had leaked all over the bed! I think I've washed her bed linnens more this past week than I have since she was born!!! I swear we went through three sets a day!

Now she's feeling much better, and I am VERY grateful to have a healthy little girl again. I was getting VERY tired of being covered in puke.

Other than last week, My friend Richele and I have been swapping babysitting while we go and exercise. It's a lot of fun, and it gives Addison a chance to play with Richele's daughter Nicole. They are very cute together.
Bart was feeling sick on Friday and Saturday of last week which meant we missed our annual trip to lagoon with his Aunt and Uncle. I was SOOOOOOOOOOO bummed! I look forward to that trip every year! I was seriously almost crying when he told me he wasn't feeling well enough to go. Oh well. That just means that next year will be even better because it will have been two years since our last trip.

Things seem to be back to normal now, but we shall see what this week brings!

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Maylin said...

Poor little girl. Those stomach bugs are so nasty!