Thursday, October 18, 2007

Something doesn't quite fit

My mom got Addison this toy toy that she absolutely loves. It shoots out balls, catches them in it's rim where they then roll down to be shot out again.
I swear she would play with it non stop all day if I would let her. She hasn't quite figured out how to get it going on her own though. She knows you have to push the red thing, but she can't do it herself very often, so she'll look at you and either point at, or hit the red thing until you start it again for her.

She's also found a new hobby. Putting things either in the rim of, or down the chute of this toy. So far we've found her bath fish, teething biscuits, other balls, grapes, cookies, blocks, books, and keys either sitting on the rim, or down the chute of this toy. It is so funny!

She's also finally learning how to put certain shaped blocks down certain shaped holes....well, she has the square one down, we're still working on the triangle and circle. As a result though I have noticed things being put in the holes of her toy car too.

It's such a stupid little thing, but I SWEAR every time I come in and see that she's put something new down that chute, or tried to fit something else in that square hole on the car, it just cracks me up!

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Maylin said...

She is certainly figuring it all out!