Friday, November 02, 2007

Happy Halloween

So Halloween is REALLY big where I work...I mean REALLY big! Everyone seriously just goes all out. Every department has a theme, and decorates their space as that theme. Most of the employees dress according to the theme as well. This year our theme was Jail Break. We all dressed in orange jump suits, and put bars on our really doesn't take much to turn those things into cells. We each chose what our "prisoner name" was and they had name tags made to put on our cells. Some of the highlights were Martha Stewart...who decorated her cube with cupcakes, quilts, fondue, and dishes..., Paris Hilton...who rolled up her jumpsuit to make cuffs that she put pink bows on that matched her pink pumps, and her Chihuahua's pink fluffy sweater..., Lisa Nowak...who had pictures of William Oefelein all over her cube, as well as an astronaut suit, and depends on her shelves....And Heidi Fleiss, who had her "Wall of shame" decorated with signed pictures of many around the office. It was pretty dang funny.

Other themes around the office were the carnival (complete with picture booth, games, and cotton candy, Pirates of the Caribbean (complete with golden treasure, a ship, and cannons that actually sent out puffs of smoke), Star wars, Alice in Wonderland, Finding Nemo, Sharks, High School Musical, and Disneyland. It was amazing. I told my family they are going to have to come up next year just to see it.

Addison is doing as well as ever. She loved playing with Paris Hilton's dog. I don't think she really liked all the decorations around my office though. I think it was a little too much to take in. I can't wait until she's a little older. Once she's three or four, I bet she will really like it.
She is becoming quite the little helper lately. Especially whenever I do laundry. She LOVES helping with laundry... and by helping I mean throwing the folded clothes out of the baskets and then climbing in them, and waving the clothes around. Yep, she's just a great little helper.
Her hair is also starting to get least parts of it are. There's a square on the top of her head that is growing like crazy. When I leave it down it kind of looks like a weird comb over, but she refuses to let me put anything in her hair. Today I was finally able to get a rubber band in it for a while. It didn't last long so I made sure I got pictures to prove I was able to do it! Te he he.

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