Sunday, March 04, 2007

Harrry Poop and Other Such Adventures

So yeah, Addison always likes to try and grab my hair, and when she gets it in her hands she does not let go! I always try to make sure that I get all the little hairs that she's pulled out out of her hands, but aparently I don't always get them because this week she had a really gross poopy diaper, and there were like five hairs in it! At first I thought that maybe they had just fallen into the diaper while I was changing it, but upon closer inspection it was very clear that they had gone through our daughters digestive system. Nasty!!!

Addison still hasn't figured how to get herself to toys that are out of her reach...however, she has figured how to get the toys to her. Instead of moving herself to the toys, she pulls the blanket under the toys toward her, which consequently brings the toys to her. Her Binki is also just another toy to her. She'll chew on the side of it, but refuses to ever suck on it the way she's supposed to...oh well. :o)
She is also really liking her swing. The other day Bart was watching her and I heard her laughing SOOOOOOOOOO hard. I was like, "What the..." and came into the room where they were. She was in her swing, but Bart was pushing her really fast. She was loving it!!! It was so cute.

She's also discovered the little toys on the tray of her swing and the mobile and naturally...tries to eat them. Bart said the other day she was trying to chew on the geraffe, but the way she was doing it, it looked like she was kissing it, so he took a picture. It ended up looking more like she was staring the geraffe down though.

She is defanately her dad's daughter. Today I was tickling her. I'd make a little noise and show her my hands that were coming to tickle her, and when I tickled her, she'd laugh. After three or four times, she just started laughing when I showed her my this bring back any memories Jonathan, Chad and Ammon...te he he. It's hilarious!

Bart is getting excited and stressed for the NAEA conference in New York. But mostly excited..okay mostly stressed, but I'm mostly excited for him. He's going a day early so that he can actually see some of the sights. He will be gone for nearly a week. The only thing I'm not excited about is being alone all week...maybe at the end of the week I'll have to use that massage gift certificate Bart gave me for Christmas. :o)

As for me, not much is new. Bart hates the colors of our front room, so it got me looking in the home decor section of the fabric store and I found this totally cute fabric that I now want to reupholster our couch if anyone knows anybody who will reupholster, or teach me to reupholster for cheap, let me know!

Well, I guess that's pretty much it...until next time, goodbye!

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