Sunday, March 18, 2007

Pseudo Single Mom

Well, my week as a pseudo single mom went relatively smoothly. I could probably do it if I could do it on the work schedule I have right now...although I imagine it would be considerably harder if I didn't know that my husband would be back at the end of the week and that I could call him at any time I needed him.

Although, at the beginning of the week I was ready to kill him...te he he. So Monday his plane was supposed to leave at 11:30 getting into New York at like 5:00 a.m. Giving him a full day before the conference to check out the city.

Monday was very stressful. Like a typical man (at least according to all the people...including men...that I talked to) he put off packing until the last minute. Addison did NOT sleep well the night before, so I was thoroughly tired, and was not extremely happy about driving him to the airport to catch a red-eye.

On the way there there were several things that he realized that he had forgotten, and needed me to email him. In addition to that, he was flying into JFK. JFK was further from his hotel than LaGuardia, but he assured me that there was a shuttle that the hotel provided to get people from JFK to the hotel. On the way there he said, "Maybe I should double check about the shuttle." I was rather distressed. The whole plan revolved around there being a shuttle, and now...AS WE'RE DRIVING TO THE AIRPORT...I realize that he's not sure. He calls the hotel and sure enough, they do NOT provide a shuttle! So I'm super stressed out, but he seems to think everything will work out.

I drop him off and frantically call my dad to find out how on earth he can get from the airport to his hotel. I get instructions and am about to call Bart to tell him what to do, but he calls my phone. I answer and am about to tell him what to do to get to the hotel when he says, "Um...I think my plane leaves tomorrow." I'm like, "WHAT!?!?!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?" He wasn't.

So I turned around and headed back to the airport. He was in the customer service line to see if he could get on an earlier flight. If he waited until the next day, he wouldn't be able to get to the hotel in time for a meeting he had to present at. He was going to call me to tell me if they were able to work something out. I am in the car thinking, "I will NEVER let him book his own flights again....I wanted to teach him how to do this type of thing, but that was clearly a bad idea." He calls me back and lets me know that they got him on stand by on the flight, so I could head home. His parting words were, "I hope I'm not calling you in an hour to tell you to come and get me because they couldn't get me on the flight." I told him, "Me too because I'm NOT coming to get you! You can either get a shuttle home or stay at a hotel!" Which admittedly sounds very harsh, but I was seriously doubting that I could get home now without falling asleep. I KNEW I wouldn't be able to make it in an hour! Fortunately they were able to get him on the plane and it didn't cost us anything more. Now I need to write them a thank you letter.

It was not fun to go through, but looking back it will be one of those stories we tell and laugh at when we're old and gray. Te he he.

In the meantime, life went on. Addison has now begun solids. Her first sitting went....well....not so well. :o) She got a taste of the rice cereal, and refused to open her mouth again...which is TOTALLY ironic because EVERYTHING she can get her hands on goes straight into her mouth, but she would NOT open her mouth to let that spoon in again. Finally we just gave her the bowl thinking, "Well, she'll play in it and get some on her hands. She ALWAYS puts her hands in her mouth, so she'd get some that way." Nope. She played, but her hands never graced her lips.

I thought that maybe it was because we mixed it with formula instead of breast milk. So, yesterday, when I fed her I tried breast milk. It really didn't go much better. She did open her mouth this time...which you would think was progress...but unfortunately, to eat you need to close your mouth after opening it. This time she refused to closer her mouth. She just let it hang open with this disgusted look on her face until all the cereal fell out. Oh the joys of solids. I'm not too stressed. I figure she'll eventually eat solids...won't she? Another milestone happened yesterday. After a week of not seeing her dad, as I'm changing her in the morning Addison looks up at me, smiles, and says, "Dad." I guess Bart's months of chanting, "Dadadadadadadadad" as he changes her diapers has finally paid off. All day she was chanting. "Dadadadadadadadad."

Church was probably the most stressful part of the week. I had a lot of things I needed to run around and do which was much harder carrying The Little One. To make things worse, she was due for a nap right as we were going to church. She never sleeps in church, so I had one tired girl on my hands. Normally she gets whiny when she's tired, but...have you ever been so tired that everything is funny? Well, I think that's what happened to her because she was laughing at EVERYTHING today. It was pretty funny. I was like, "well, if I have a tired girl on my hand's I'd much rather her be giggly than whiney."

Bart gets home today at like 1:00 a.m. I was supposed to go pick him up, but Heavenly Father blessed me for taking him to the airport on Monday. The teacher he student taught with, who also happens to live in Spanish Fork, was on his plane and offered to give him a ride home. Hallelujah!!!! So hopefully next week I'll be able to post some of his pictures, and some stories from New York.

Until then! Have a great week!

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