Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My Little Banshee

Well, I don't have Bart's pictures from New York, but he had a great time. While he was there the RAEA had an auction to raise money for scholarships. Bart bought a print that was a great deal, so we got our first piece of art. :o) Well, that wasn't our own art...well, I guess we did get a Tom Till picture for our wedding too. I guess we have quite a bit of art, but it was still exciting.

On Saturday we went to the Utah Art Museum. While we were there we kept running into this one lady. Every time we saw her, Addison got really excited. She'd smile and laugh and kick and flail her arms, and make these squealing sounds!!! It was SOOOOOOOOO cute!!! The lady thought she was the cutest thing ever.

We also went to the Art Barn (An Art Gallery by the U). While we were there we saw an art show that we had seen last month at BYU. This time the art was on sale. There was one print Bart & I had really liked, and it was for sale for a very reasonable price, so we bought another piece of art. So crazy! But very exciting.

Bart & I have really enjoyed the warm weather. Saturday we took Addison on a run around our neighborhood and the Fieldstone home development, then worked in the Garden all day on Saturday. SOOOOOOOOO fun. We are NOT looking forward to the snow storm that's supposed to come in tonight. Especially since our Apricot tree is in bloom. I was very hopeful when I heard on the radio today that most trees and plants won't be affected...then they listed the one tree that probably be affected...the apricot tree. Lovely. We lost all but three apricots last year, it looks like this year isn't going to be much better. Oh well.

As for the latest on Addison: She has discovered her voice. In Addition to the enthusiastic "Dada's" and focused "Ba...Ba's," She has refined her banshee scream. On the way from the baby sitter's today, she was screaming up a storm. It is sooooo funny! She'll scream, and then look at you and smile to see what you think of her new noise. Crazy baby. :o)

Today Addison and I also got to go out to lunch with Tabitha, her son Benjamin, Haas, her daughters Jade and Lucy, and Christa. It was SOOOOOO much fun! It's the first time we've all gotten together since Benjamin has been born. It was awesome! It was also kind of empowering. It made me feel like I could do ANYTHING! I can handle taking my baby to lunch with the girls, I can handle the world!!! Te he he.

Oh, AND Addison is FINALLY getting the hang of solids. She very successfully ate a whole bowl of rice cereal this weekend. Naturally it got all over her face, but at least the bowl was empty!

She is also soooo expressive. I pull out the camera and she just makes the funniest faces for me. It's so cute!!!

Well, that's all for now. Until Next time! Au Revoir.

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