Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Week of Firsts

Well, this has been quite the week. Addison turned 6 months old this week. Her 6 month birthday was actually the same day as her Great Grandpa Timms' 80th birthday! Speaking of Birthdays, I have learned that the first two weeks in March are packed full of birthdays! Bart's Brother, Charles and his wife, Heather, have birthdays, my Grandpa Timms has a birthday, our friend Tabitha has a birthday, and I believe her husband's birthday is next week, and Bart's old mission companion Andrew has a birthday...tomorrow I believe. CRAZY!!! So far I've done okay at catching everyone to wish them a happy birthday...that is except my grandpa. I had like a million reminders up everywhere reminding me to call him, and as I was talking to Addison that day I was telling her how her great grandpa turned 80 the same day that she turned 6 months old, and yet somehow I still managed to not call him. Then he and grandma headed off to Mexico, so I still haven't called him! Hopefully I will be able to do that today.

Addison had her first bottle of formula on the 7th, and she really liked it, which is apparently unusual...especially since we waited so long to give it to her. We are planning on giving her solids...well, today...but I started thinking about it and thought, "Man! She's never had anything other than breast milk, maybe we should see how she does with something new in her tummy." So we gave her formula.

Ever since we gave it to her we've been waiting with dread for the first formula poopy diaper. Lucky us though, we didn't get a formula poopy diaper, we got floating formula poop in bathwater...Fun!!!

Ironically earlier this week I was telling Tabitha how lucky we've been because Addison hasn't pooped either in the bath or her towel. Apparently I didn't knock on wood.

It was really gross, I was washing her neck (it's so hard to get under those folds) and I saw what I thought was a rotten leaf floating in the water. I wondered, "How on earth did a rotten leaf get in here?" and was about to scoop it out of the water when I realized what it was. GROSS!!!! I pulled Addison out of the water and got a diaper on her as fast as I could. Bart & I were making such a fuss about it, that Addison started to cry...I think we scared her. I felt really bad, so I wrapped her up in a blanket and read to her while she finished. (We cleaned out the tub and finished the bath later. Oh the joys of parenthood.)

Addison's also getting really good at sitting. I think she prefers playing with her toys while she's sitting up more than on her tummy now. She can do it alone, but if I have things I need to get done I'll put her in her boppy. She has also started sort of jumping forward out of her boppy to grab at toys. Wednesday I was in the kitchen clearing out the dishwasher, and when I came back into the family room, she had gone from her boppy to her stomach, but the boppy was still around her waist, making it look like she had a huge bustle on. it was pretty funny.

She also has been making this hilarious face lately. She puts her lips into an "O" which kind of stretches the bottom of her nose down which makes her look remarkably like a little pig. I call it her piggy face. It makes me laugh every time she does it.

Bart has been busy getting everything ready for the NAEA conference this weekend. He's getting really excited...especially since he's going a day early so that he can see the sights. This is the longest we will have been away from each other since Addison's been born. I'm not really looking forward to it. I'm going to get a lovely taste of what it's like to be a single mom for a week...that sounds almost as fun as cleaning floating formula poop out of bathwater.
I have really enjoyed the nicer weather though. I take Addison out on a walk every day. The wife of the first councilor in the bishopric said that she's decided it isn't going to snow any more this season. I've decided that she was speaking prophetically and therefore it won't snow any more...YAY...It'll happen...I have faith!!!

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