Monday, February 26, 2007

Little Miss Chew-a-Lot

So I always thought that Addison was the cutest baby in the world, but I figured I might be a little biased since I am her mom. However, this week our ward proved that Addison is, in fact, the cutest baby in the world. :o) On Sunday, I was running around collecting rolls and telling all the teachers it was 5 min. to the end of church. While I was doing it, six people stopped me and said, "I just have to tell you, you have the cutest baby in the world! And She's ALWAYS happy! It seems like she's always smiling and laughing!" So now it's official, Addison is the cutest baby in the world...te he he.

Addison is also chewing on EVERYTHING. Her hands, her feet, toys, our hands, the table, her swing. Anything she can get to her mouth (or her mouth to) she chews on.

She is continuing to make funny noises. While Bart was gone this weekend, I had her in her swing and was working on the computer when I heard a weird noise coming from the swing. She was pushing her lips together and blowing, which resulted in a sort of wet raspberry without a tongue. Every once in a while she'd stick her tongue out and try to do it, but she hasn't quite got that down. Although after Bart got back, he was playing with her on the ground and started doing it to her, and she'd do it right back! It was so cute!
Bart enjoyed his weekend in St. George. I think he was most excited about learning to make a Raku (apparently not Raccoon as I initially thought) Kiln. He went down with one of the other art teachers from his School, and apparently they talked the whole way there and back! Thanks again Rebecca & Chris for letting Bart stay with you while he was down there. He had a great time. He was really excited to see his little girl when he got back though. :o)

As for me, last week we had a relief society activity about organizing
your house. They gave us a website that a lot of the ladies in our ward have used to get ideas for their cleaning routines. The website is So far I have found it VERY useful. I am really enjoying finally getting in habits of cleaning a little bit every day instead of waiting until the house is a disaster and then spending all day cleaning.

I really enjoyed the nice weather this past week. I took Addison out for a walk every day that it was nice. Needless to say, once again, I was very upset about the snow!

Work is also still going well. :o) Bart's cousin Emily watches Addison for
about an hour and a half each day between when I have to go to work and when Bart gets off work. She is soooo wonderful! I am so grateful she is here and able to watch Addison. Every time we go over there she just gets so excited to see Emily. I know she absolutely loves it! I'm going to be really sad when she leaves for Texas with her husband at the end of the semester. On Wednesdays, Emily also watches a little girl named Audrey. She set them next to each other last Wednesday and they started holding hands, so she took some pictures. :o) It was really cute.

Well, I guess that's all for now. Have a great week everyone!

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Amy Collyer said...

Addison is so cute Rebecca! I miss watchig her!