Monday, May 09, 2011

Planning Dinner

As I was typing that last post, Bart was in the other room searching through our recipe books, looking for a few meals for this week. Here's a conversation we had:

Bart: Is Fennel Good.
Rebecca: Yeah.
Bart: What does it taste like?
Rebecca: Um....kind of like Anise.
Bart: ANUS?!?!?


::::an explanatory conversation and few minutes of quiet later::::

Bart: What's Ja-cam-uh (Ja as in the beginning of July, Cam as in the beginning of camera, and uh as in the beginning of um.)
Rebecca: You mean Jicama (As in Hick-uh-ma)

Never a dull moment at our house.


Moonsahra said...

Okay, so Bart gets points taken off for lack of cooking knowledge. However, for the fact that he was helping with meal planning, overall I'll give him an A+!

janae said...

Man, I (platonic word for love) your husband. We really miss hanging out with you guys!!