Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Drawing Summer


So the other day while Hannah and the babies were taking a nap, Addison was out in the back yard drawing with sidewalk chalk (judging by the number of sidewalk chalk pictures I've posted lately, you can probably deduce that this is a VERY typical activity at our house...especially when the weather is nice).

So she comes in the door and says, "Look mom! I drew summer!" I went out the back door very curious as to what summer looks like and saw this:

IMG_6636 copy 2

So here is what summer is to my daughter:


Our cherry tree

Daddy and Addison riding a roller coaster (when she's all grown up of course).

The sun, sky and clouds....especially heart clouds

Addison and Hannah playing on the grass with a butterfly (do you remember this post?)
Update: I just read this post to Addison and she informed me it wasn't her and Hannah. It was her and her cousin Mckenna...sorry for the mistake.

Our house with a pink door. (We didn't have any red sidewalk chalk. if you look closely, you can even see hinges!)

She worked hard on it

And was very satisfied with her work:

I love summer. :)


Lori said...

Summer through a child's eyes :))) I want to be a child again! What a little budding artist.

janae said...

I'm seriously impressed with the amount of time she dedicated to it (that must have taken forever!) and her attention to detail. That's amazing! She must have gotten Bart's art gene, cuz she is really talented!

Becca Summerhays said...

How fun! I showed the pictures to Mckenna. She said, "wow, she's really good." haha I love it! :)