Thursday, May 12, 2011

Just Playing

We've been having some fun around here.

Hannah loves putting this wire "trash can" on her head.
I use quotes because we never really use it as a trash can, and when we do it's just for paper. So it's not really that gross that she puts it on her head.

Addison got it in her head that if she put it on her head and clapped these two easter eggs together she'd look like the scarry monkey on Toy Story 3. With those eyes, she kind of did.

One of the kids (and my) favorite afternoon snacks is apples and peanut butter...heavy on the peanut butter.

And for Hannah, well, sometimes she just skips the apples.

Maya was having fun playing with daddy the other day.
Wait, that looks familiar, where have I seen something like that before...Oh yeah:
100_2623 (that's Addison by the way).
By the way, Addison was almost the same age in that photo as Maya is in the one above.

Maya sure loves her daddy...almost as much as daddy loves his Maya.

I also noticed some really pretty light while I was changing Maya's diaper. So I grabbed a camera and snapped a few pictures...this one was my favorite.
I wish I had a macro lens to really get a good picture of Maya's eyelashes. They're so long and beautiful!

I'm also learning to take pictures in different types of light. I took this one yesterday and rather like it. :)
IMG_6232_no blinds

And now I'm feeling guilty because there are no pictures of Lilly in this entire post! I have to go and get one....Ah, here we go. Lilly in her Bumbo.
She's pretty good at sitting in the Bumbo...when she wants to. :)

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janae said...

You are getting so awesome with that camera! Makes me really wish I had a nice camera and a class to go along with it. :) I especially love that second picture of Maya and Bart. What a darling pair!