Thursday, March 18, 2010


There was nice weather the last few days so we did some yard work. Addison was excited to help. :o)

This is embarrassing, but this is our yard before we started....
Actually, that's not even true. I've weeded the little bed on the right of that picture. With procrastination complicated by the swine flu just before the first big snow, and then more procrastination these leaves just never got raked and the dead flowers never got pulled.

But now my shady flower bed looks like this:Can you believe there were plants under all that dead foliage!!! We're not done, obviously. Our slowly decaying brick path that you can barely even see needs to be replaced. AND there is TONS of grass mixed in with my bulbs! See! Please, tell me, what do I do to get rid of grass in my flowerbeds? Sigh.

On a happier note look at this awesome picture of water in my tulip leaves. I've seen this type of thing in magazines, and fancy pictures online, but I've never seen it in real life. I was pretty excited.
That is all.


j@nAe said...

Yay for spring! The only success my parents ever had with the grass problem was putting in one of those concrete curbie things. And then, after you put them in, weed really carefully so you get the roots. I dunno. Some people hate the curbs. Good luck with whatever you do!

Lori said...

The mommy daughter picture is so cute! YEAH Addison for cheering mom on. I am glad to see a beautiful flower under that mess. Roundup will kill the grass just make sure you do not spray it on the flowers.