Sunday, March 21, 2010

Canyonlands Five Mile Run

So this weekend I packed up the girls and headed down to Moab for the Canyonlands 5 mile run. All of my sisters-in-law who weren't pregnant, my brother-in-law, and I ran in the 5 mile race. And one of my brothers-in-law ran in the half marathon. Bart was originally running the 5 mile race with me, but then he realized that he had class that day...bummer.

Bart's other brother, Sam, was also going to run the half marathon. But his wife was due on April 4th and her doctor said no traveling. It's a good thing he decided not to because we got a call this morning informing us that they had their baby! YAY! Hopefully I'll have some pictures of the little bundle of joy up soon.

But, back to the race. I decided I wanted to complete the race in at least 55 min. I realize that to most 11 min miles may not be that fast, but for 5 miles, and for me I thought that'd be good...especially since I'm still carrying a lot of baby weight (this run was supposed to help me get rid of it, but apparently I'm going to have to sign up for another race if I want to get rid of the rest of it...maybe five more races.) ;o) Well, my chip time ended up being 51:55! YAY! I was pretty stoked.

You can see the results here.

And here was my little fan who cheered me on.
Bart's mom always helps out with the race, so Bart's grandma, cousin, and brother watched all the kids of the race participants at grandma's house. The last leg of the race runs right in front of their back yard. It was a cold day so I wasn't sure that they would be outside.

I was dieing at the end and as I turned the last corner, and I kept thinking to myself, "Oh please let Addison be outside, please let Addison be outside." Sure enough, I saw her little pink coat standing by the fence of Grandma's yard. As I got close she yelled, "Go mom!!!" TOTALLY boosted my spirits. It was awesome.

Then I saw uncle Leonard leaned over and whisper something in her ear. She turned and yelled, "Run faster!" Uncle Leonard, you're a dead man. Te he he. It didn't surprise me though. Last time we were in Moab at Jacob's soccer game Addison yelled, "Come on guys, give Uncle Jacob a turn." Then Uncle Leonard whispered in her ear and then she yelled, "Uncle Jacob, stop being a sissy!"

Speaking of Jacob. If you do a search in those results for Francis and notice that Jacob Francis won 2nd place in the ENTIRE 5 mile run. Yep, that's "sissy" Jacob. Although this comment won't help with his ego, (you know I love you Jacob) the kids' AMAZING. He didn't train AT ALL, and he made 2nd place! Not just in his age group (he made first place in that), but for the ENTIRE 5 mile race! Incredible.

Running scouts if you'd like his contact information, just let me know. I can't even imagine what he could do if he'd actually train!

It was an awesome weekend. I like this family tradition.


j@nAe said...

For the record, I think an 11 minute mile is crazy fast. Good for you!! (I did my half at 13 minute miles, so I'm a slow poke.) What a fun family tradition!

Chris, Becca, and Mckenna said...

Way to go Rebecca!! I wish we could have been there. Some day we will be! =)

Jones said...

that is AWESOME!!

oh and if you do take pics of the Timp temple, just email them!