Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Nine Months

Three quarters down, and only one quarter to go to Hannah's first year (I'm sorry, I'm an accountant, quarters are a big deal). My baby is now nine months old!There weren't a ton of milestones this month. Just a lot of figuring out how to get from one place to another. Although she still can't crawl or scoot forward, she has mastered getting to where she wants to be. She'll see something in front of her, and turn, then scoot backwards, then turn again and be at the desired place.

As I mentioned last month, technically it was in this month that she finally said Mama.

She also learned how to clap this month. It's so cute! She's so proud of her self/amazed at her hands when she claps. It's adorable. Here are some of the other pictures I took for her 9 month photos:
I swear in this picture I just hear her saying, "Did I do that?"She completed a clap in this picture and is mighty happy with herself.Uh oh, she's starting to get a little antsy."Mom! Are we done taking pictures yet?!?!"Here, have a Minnie.
"Thanks, although, I don't know why you insist on taking pictures of me with this thing. It's not like you can tell how big I am next to it because I am always grabbing her and folding her in awkward positions."
Sigh, I know. But I made a goal to take a picture of you with that stuffed animal every month for the first year of your life so by golly I'm gonna do it! Even if you do always mess up the picture!
"Wow mom, this clapping thing is AWESOME! Look at how my hands can make noise!"
I like to have imaginary conversations with my children before they can talk.


Tabitha said...

Oh my cuteness. I love her.

chrisdaines said...

I doubt the imaginary conversations will be limited to just your adorable children.

I'm just sayin'


j@nAe said...

Ha, ha! I think the imaginary conversations are hilarious. She is so, so, so cute!

Ally said...

I can't believe how big she is! Too cute!

Loni said...

She is darling. I can't believe she is 9 months already! I love the stuffed animal thing. It really shows how much they grow in the first year.

Jones said...

imaginary conversations are great! you can make them say 'you're right mom' or "mom you're a genius" or "I'll ALWAYS listen to my mommy" ;)

she's so cute. We'll be in CA May 22 for Olivia's wedding, do you guys have any plans to visit CA this summer?