Sunday, April 19, 2009


So I have not been home for Easter since my senior year in high school...which was in 2000. This year I broke that streak! YAY!

Easter Morning this is what was waiting for us downstairs.To give you an idea of the scale of these baskets, here is a picture of Addison with her gigantic bunny. :o)
Lest you mistakenly think this was the product of my extremely excited mother finally getting me home for Easter...okay, finally getting Addison home for dad was the one who actually purchased the baskets. I guess there was a scout fundraiser that was a silent auction, so he bid on the baskets and won them. :o) (Although technically the donkey pinata was purchased by my sister for my brother in makes total sense if you know them.) :o)Bart was especially fond of his Teddy's onsie. He Couldn't believe how big it was, although I'm pretty sure some of Addison's are that big too.Addison and Bart had some great bonding time. This is why kids need both a mom and dad. I would never think of sitting on my daughter as a way to grow closer to her, but she loved it.

It was so wonderful being home for Easter. We all got to go to Church togeather and then have Easter dinner togeather. It was great.

My mother in law gave me a bunch of Envelops a while ago that were basically a walk through the last week in Christ's life. You opened an envelope each day of the week before Easter and it had some scriptures that corresponded with the day, a thought of how to apply principals from that day in your life, and a story. I was planning on copying it for my Young Women, but didn't get around to it, so I decided at least I could do it myself. It was wonderful!!! Thank you so much Maralee, it seriously just made my Easter week! It made me think of things I had never thought of before. It was a wonderful Easter present.


janae said...

Agreed on the dad thing!! Sam will bond with the kids in the strangest ways, but they all have so much fun together. Dads are definitely a must!!

Amy Collyer said...

I am so happy that you had a wonderful Easter! Mine was great, too. I woke up and found an Easter basket in my cupboard where I hid it a few weeks ago. I forgot how much coll stuff Mom got me! I also had Ruth and Jordan and Ruth's sisters over for dinner. It was wonderful!