Saturday, April 25, 2009

California Vacation

Well, this past week and a half we got to go to California to visit with my family. We did a ton of stuff, so I'm going to attempt to keep it brief with few words, but lots of pictures. So here goes:

We went to Descanso Gardens. Addison LOVED feeding the fish.
And looking at all the pretty flowers.And feeding the fish...did I mention she loved feeding the fish?We went to the opening game at Dodger Stadium where we got o see Orlando Hudson hit for the cycle. That was pretty cool.We went with my dad and my sister.And my handsome husband and myself.And the Jonas Brothers.Okay, so technically we didn't go with them, but they were there a few rows in front of us...okay so it was a lot of rows in front of us and I have a good zoom, but my other sister who decided not to go was kicking herself when she saw that picture.
We ended the day off with overheated car. It actually stopped working. But the engine didn't crack...or the block didn't crack...or something that always happens when you push an over heating car to it's limit. The mechanic was amazed.Bart had an art Education conference in Minneapolis, so he flew out to that (it was cheaper to fly from Burbank than it was to fly from Salt half the price...even though he had a layover in Salt Lake and was on the exact same flight he would have taken had he just left from there.
So without him (much to his chagrin) we went to the Zoo. These are our three little ground hogs, Addison, Stacy and Emily.Addison was upset because the Elephant exhibit was closed, but we made it up to her by going to the petting zoo, which I'm pretty sure was her favorite part! She wasn't scared of the Animals at all!!!AT ALL!There was this cool Pyramid trough thing where you washed your hands once you were done. I had to get a picture of it.On Saturday we went to the Santa Monica Pier.And rode the rides.And the Ferris WheelThen we went to the Beach.Where Addison became a mermaid.
And carried water from the ocean to her sand castle.Did I mention that she built a Sand Castle (with some help from Aunt Lisa). If I didn't, you can just ask her what she did at the beach and she'll spend hours telling you all about it.None of us adults wore our swim suits because we thought Addison would touch the water and decide it was too cold to play in. Such was NOT the case. She just ran right into the waves!!! She was even upset because we couldn't swim! My pants were soaked from standing in the little waves with her and she kept wanting to go out further. She may look like her dad, but she definitely takes after me when it comes to the beach. Next time we will come prepared.
We also played in Grandma & Grandpa Collyer's pool. Addison stepped off the big step and fell under the water while I was sitting on the side of the pool. It nearly gave me a heart attack. I jumped in with my clothes on and pulled her out. I thought she'd cry, but nope. It didn't even phase her. She just wanted to get back to playing. I swear I have given birth to a fish.

We absolutely loved our time there. I always love going home to visit. It was wonderful!!! Thanks for everything mom and dad! We miss you guys, Lisa, Mat & Stacy already!


janae said...

Okay, that's it. I'm moving to California! So much fun, you guys! I love the pictures of Addison at the petting zoo - she really was so brave! Love the Dodgers too. :) And I can definitely understand the fish thing. I gave birth to one too (Elijah). I also have a monkey (Seara). I wonder what Enoch will be!

charlesandheatherfrancis said...

Looks like I'm coming with you next time! Every thing you did looks like so much fun! Addison is such a lucky girl to have such fun parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles! I'm glad you had so much fun!