Monday, April 20, 2009

A Charmed Day

Okay, so today has seriously been a charmed day. Especially Lunch.

We played in the pool for a long time this morning. Then we decided to go to Los Gringos Locos for lunch.

I always debate whether or not to get Addison anything because most of the time she won't eat anything. Well, we got her a corn dog and she ate THE WHOLE THING!

About half way through her meal she started looking around. Finally she asked, "Mom, where is the bathroom?" I pointed it out to her and she said, "Oh, okay. I have to go potty, can you please take me?" Totally shocked I said yes. She NEVER tells me she has to go potty...not even in our familiar house where she knows her little toilet is.

On the way to the bathroom I asked her if she needed to go poo poo or pee pee. She said poo poo. I assumed she had probably already gone because the only time she tells us she needs to go poo poo is when she's already gone. But nope, I checked her diaper and it was clean. Then came the toilet. It was just a regular toilet, so I had to lift her up onto it. She was able to hold herself there, but her feet were dangling. I thought for sure after a few seconds she'd decide she'd had enough and want down. Nope. I heard her pee. I was telling her how proud I was of her for going pee pee in a strange toilet and asked if she was done. "No mom, I have to go poo poo too." So I waited. And waited. And waited. I thought for sure she didn't really need to go, but then sure enough, she went poo poo! On a strange toilet! With her legs dangling in the air! I was blown away! It was AWESOME!!!

Not only had she sought out a bathroom and told me she needed to go BEFORE she had a dirty diaper. But she had actually gone! It was AWESOME!

We returned to our table and told Grandma and Aunt Lisa what she had done. She was so proud of herself. Then she finished her meal.

On the way home I said how tired I was, and Grandma and Lisa said how tired they were too. Then Addison said how tired she was and that she wanted to take a nap.

I briefly thought the charmed day had snapped when Aunt Lisa helped her down from the car...something that Addison had decided she wanted to do on her own, and as a result started crying. But Aunt Lisa helped her back up and let her get down on her own. Then she asked Lisa, "Can you please put me to bed?"

Aunt Lisa is currently in the other room putting Addison to bed. Any tips on how to make every day like this?


janae said...

Oooooh, yay!! That's pretty much what Elijah did when we decided to potty train him. I actually kept him in diapers and just took him whenever he asked to go (and gave tons of praise ... and m&ms). After about two weeks of being sporadic, he started using the toilet every single time he had to go. After a week of that I finally decided to ditch the diapers. Seriously miraculous. I hope you have the same luck! :)

Chris, Becca, and Mckenna said...

Holy Cow Rebecca! That is so funny...Mckenna actually went poo poo in her potty today for the 1st time too! Chris was home with her getting her ready for the bath and she told him she needed to go poo poo. Not thinking too much of it, he put her on her little potty and sure enough she went. What a crazy day...they must seriously have a weird cousin connection! That is just too ironic!!! =D

Amy Collyer said...

That is a spectacular story! I especially Like the phrase, "strange toilet." :)

Jones said...

oh my gosh, charmed day indeed!! what a blessing to have her potty trained or almost all the way trained before the baby comes!!!

too cute.

The Foulgers said...

I hope these charmed days keep coming your way.

It sounds like you're having a great time with your family. I love the Easter baskets, they're awesome!

Teresa Beth Brower Timms said...

Ten years ago did you ever think that you'd be blogging about strange toilets and poo poo and pee pee - strange how a baby changes your life!

Way to go Addison - you're a big girl now, just in time to be a big sister.