Sunday, April 26, 2009

Baby Shower

While we were in California, Lisa threw me a baby shower. She did such a great job! She's an AWESOME party thrower.

She had a chocolate fountain with lots of yummy fruit to dip in it, a delicious cheese and cracker platter, and gorgeous decorations.
She also made these adorable diaper cupcakes! They were SOOOOOOOOO cute! She also gave me this little chart of who gave me what with a little place to put a check next to each name once I wrote the thank you card. This list was on a clipboard and behind the list were address labels she had made so that I didn't have to look up any one's address! SOOOO nice since last time I had a shower, finding the addresses was the hardest part and as a result, some of my thank you notes got lost. Thank you so much for all your hard work Lisa. I had a great time!!!

It was wonderful visiting with people from my home stake. I even got to see some old friends. Christa (on the right) I've seen fairly recently, but it was still good to see her again, and my friend Christine was able to come too (on the left). I don't think I've seen her since my wedding reception (almost five years ago), so it was great catching up. Overall it was just a great shower!


janae said...

Oh fun! What a great way to gather old friends. I need to be pregnant so I can have an excuse to have a party with friends when I visit home this summer!

charlesandheatherfrancis said...

I love the thank you note chart and address idea! Your sister is so sweet!

CurlyGirl said...

It was a great shower! I'm so glad I was able to come. :-)

(This is Christine, by the way...)