Thursday, December 18, 2008

You Live, You Learn

And today I learned that I don't think I've ever actually made a snow man before. I remember a few half hearted attempts in high school when we went up to the mountains, or in college when we were playing around with friends, but today I realized I don't think I've ever seen the making of a snowman through to the end...for those of you who grew up with me and have better memories than I do, feel free to correct me.
So I began, with visions of Janae & Sam's Bigger than life snowman from last year, to make my snowman. Well, I learned that making a snow man is actually pretty hard. Especially when it's just a pregnant woman and a two year old. Nevertheless, I'm rather pleased with the result:True, it's more Addison sized, than grown man sized, but I'm happy with it.
Some of the bling bling on his hands:Addison loves him.
We also made snow angels...I guess I forgot to get a picture of mine, but I got one of Addison's.

While following cat tracks through the snow I also learned that people weren't the only ones who can make yellow snow.


janae said...

I love him!! And I'm really glad you got pictures. We didn't take pictures of our huge guy when we finished him last year, and then when we finally got around to it Sam decided he was crooked and tried to get him straight ... and he tumbled. I think I might have cried. But I was in the first trimester of a pregnancy, so that's a good excuse! :)

Chris, Becca, and Mckenna said...

Cute snowman! I love the picture of Addison kissing him. Mckenna actually was hugging and kissing the snowman we made today. How funny!! They must be cousins who think alike!! =D

Dave and Loni said...

Oh those pictures of Addison with her snowman are priceless. Looks like a fun time! And you made a snow angel too. What a great mom!

The Jones Family said...

Maddy wants to play in the snow SOOO bad! I keep telling her it's almost Christmas and she says no it's not, because it isn't snowing yet. why do they have to make it a white Christmas in all the movies?!

I want some of that bling bling your snowman's got!