Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Mini Wheats vs Captain Crunch

Okay, so I have a confession. A lot of times I will let Addison have a bag of cereal as a snack. The bag is nice because she can hardly sit still long enough to eat anything at the table. She is pretty good at not dumping the cereal out all over the place too. She will eventually pretty much eat everything in the bad.

The problem I have run into as of late is that her cereal of choice is Frosted Mini Wheats. Something that, nutritionally speaking, I am thrilled with. True, they have an entire side covered in sugar, but the rest of it is whole wheat goodness. The problem is that these are messy little buggars when you're not eating them in a bowl of milk. I find flakes of wheat ALL OVER my house!

At first I just dealt with it and was constantly vacuuming. But seriously, I'm getting tired of it. So, in an attempt to wean her off the healthy wheat chunks, I purchased a cereal that I was sure no two year old could resist: Captain Crunch Crunch Berries.

Seriously, as a kid, what is not to like about this cereal. It's got to be like 90% sugar...and the other 10% is probably artificial berry flavoring that tastes like 90% sugar. :)

Well, Addison seemed to enjoy her first bowl (yes, I was able to get her to sit down and eat it at her high chair.) There were lots of thoughtful, "Mmmms" while she was eating it. I thought for sure I had her. But now I think those thoughtful "Mmmms" were just polite "Mmmms." As in, "Well, I don't want to hurt mom's feelings, so I'll pretend that I like these by saying Mmmm a lot." Silly girl.

Update: She likes, "Fruip Loops."

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janae said...

In FSN 100 my professor told us that cold cereal is the savior of the American diet. She said that most Americans would be malnourished if not for all the vitamins and minerals that they get from their fortified cereal. Ever since then I have considered cold cereal to be a healthy treat. Sugar or not. So glad I'm not alone! :)