Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Eve

Well, as I mentioned in my last post, we spent Christmas in Moab this year. It was a ton of fun having everybody there. This is a picture of everyone's stockings. Can you believe how many there are!!! If you look closely, there are little tiny stockings in front of the Big stockings. Those ones are for the babies in mommies bellies. :o)

On our way home from Moab, Addison sat in her car seat quietly for about the first 15 min of the drive home and then said, "Mom, I go to Grandma's house again." I can't say I blamed her. She had so much fun with all of her aunts and uncles. She was thrilled to have cousin McKenna to play with too. They had a blast together.These girls are lucky enough to have Uncles who pulled them around in a box. They couldn't get enough of it. Addison also had her first bath with another kid. She loved it. I think she'll adjust just fine when the baby comes.Two clean girls sitting on Aunt Rebecca/Mom's lap in their Christmas Pajamas, ready to go to bed so Santa can come.

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janae said...

Holy stockings!! That is hilarious!