Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pretzles are my new best friend

But I should preface this by saying that I threw up for the first time last night. Yesterday was so weird. For the most part I felt pretty good all day long. And then all of the sudden I'd get these intense bouts of nausia. Usually I'm at least a little nausiated all the time and then really nausiated a lot of the time. There were actually moments yesterday when I wasn't nausiated at all! But then I'd get this wave that would hit me and send me hovering over the toilette bowl.

Whe wave finally won last night right before I went to bed. I took a unisom, and ate part of a banana in an attempt to not have an empty stomach when I took my prenatal vitamin. No such luck. I puked up the banana seconds after eating it. Oh well.

Now, on to pretzles. They have been my saving grace today. When I eat them I'm hardly nausiated at all! I love pretzels.

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