Monday, October 27, 2008

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Okay, so when I was younger I always scoffed at the old adage, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." This may be because I never really liked apples.

The only thing I liked about apples was the superstition that when you twist the stem off, the letter in the alphabet that corresponded with the number of twists it took to get the stem off was the first letter of the name of your future husband. (For example, if it took you three twists to get the stem off, your future husband's name would start with C...four would be D, etc.) In High school I actually got rather frustrated with my apples because the name of the guy I had a crush on was at the end of the alphabet. I would regularly count quarter twists as a twist. I still rarely got to his letter.

Oddly enough I still do this. Of course I usually yank off the stem on the second twist...sometimes you have to help the fates along a little. ;o)

Anyway. My parents got us a bunch of Allred orchard apples the last time they came to visit....for those of you who are in Utah, if you have never tasted an Allred apple, you need to go to their stand and get one. And while you're at it, get their fresh squeezed apple juice. It's AMAZING!!! For those of you not in Utah, it's worth planning a fall trip around. I am not kidding. And this is coming from someone who doesn't really like apples.

So I have been taking an apple to work with me every day in attempt to deplete the apple supply that currently fills both the fruit and veggie boxes of our fridge. And yes, I have been eating them. This has been going on for about a month now. (Seriously, they got us a ton of apples...and believe it or not, they're still good)!

Well in that time, Addison got sick. And when Addison gets sick, I get sick. There had not been an Addison illness to date that was not rapidly followed by a Rebecca illness.

But this time, I didn't get sick. This really was a miracle because I am so used to getting sick that I no longer even attempt not to. I still let her give me the same wet kisses she always does. I still snuggle up so that her cheek is right on mine. I will even still taste her food to make sure it's not too hot for her...sometimes after her spoon has been in her mouth. I get sick when I don't do these things, so I finally gave up even trying. But this time, no sickness came.

Now she is sick again. I'm not sure with what. She's loosing her voice, she sounds congested, and when she tries to clear her throat she sounds like a seal.

I am still eating my apple a day. Hopefully once again it will keep the doctor away. If not, at least it predicted my husband correctly. ;o)


Ashley said...

Aww poor Addy! I'm sorry she is sick again!! It's funny how that happens usually a child sickness followed by the mommy sickness!!! That actually happened to us just a few weeks ago but all three of us ended up with something and it was a little different for each of us!! And now I think Liz is sick again, also, Jas and I have been waking up with sore throats the last couple of mornings. So maybe that's just natures way of telling us exactly how our lil girl feels, accompanied with her yucky running nose, that only she got!!!

Tabitha said...

Rebecca, that sounds a little like croup. I asked Dr. Later about Benjamin during Daniel's 2 month checkup because he was sick and the doctor said the "cold" that's going around right now can easily turn to croup and to watch for a seal-like cough. You may want to give the doctor a call just to make sure! Poor Addison!

Melinda said...

Looks like Tabitha beat me to it but I was going to mention the croup thing. Reid had that last year and he had all the symptoms that you named off. Our Pediatrician said that the barking cough or sounding like a seal is usually a pretty good sign of croup. Poor Addison. We just found out that Reid has strep throat and an ear infection again today. Oh, joy! don't we mommies love this season? ;)

janae said...

That is so funny! When Elijah was born I was a germ freak - I washed my hand dozens of times each day, kept hand sanitizer everywhere, and made sure not to ever share cups, spoons, etc. And yet for 6 months straight, one of us was sick. So after that I gave up. And guess what? Since then (its been 18 months) Elijah had the flu once, Enoch had a cold once, I had both that flu and that cold, and Sam and Seara have never been sick. Weird, huh?? My only explanations are (1) that we've gotten flu shots the last two winters, and (2) that we must be exposed to germs in small amounts when they are weak and thus we become immune, rather than being exposed in huge amounts when they are strong and when we would normally end up getting really, really sick. Did that make sense? Anyway, I'm glad you're not sick!! Moms shouldn't even be able to get sick, I swear. We already do so much, we just don't deserve it. :)

janae said...

ps. my kids have both had the croup and only after they were better did I realize. I guess you should be attentive, but if she's looking better you may not need to take her to the doc. fyi.

The Jones Family said...

There was an Allred Orchards right by Wyview..I LOVED getting apples AND peaches. oh yum yum peaches! I've never enjoyed a peach like I did a peach from Allred Orchards!!

Dave and Loni said...

I better start eating more apples, because like you. If my kids get sick I get sick! I hope Addy feels better soon. I really don't like all the sickies that come with the fall and winter months!

Amy Collyer said...

I believe in apples too!

Craig & Nicole said...

Cute Blog! I'm glad you found us so we can keep updated on how you guys are doing. I hope the apples keep working for you.