Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Little Monkey Girl

So my little girl has become quite the little monkey. She is always trying to climb on things. She's gotten very good at climbing on the ottoman in the nursery, and the rocking deer (yes, the rocking deer). She still hasn't been able to get up on the couch by herself, but she loves Bart's gaming chair. In fact, I think that may be her favorite seat in the house. She'll climb into it with her bottle, and just rock and drink her bottle. It's pretty funny.

I can't remember if I told you earlier...and I'm too lazy to go and check the other posts, so if I have you'll just have to hear it again...but Addison has started using utensils. And by using, I mean she refuses to eat without one if she sees one. Sometimes I can trick her into finger food if no utensils are in sight, but if she even sees me using a fork, she'll demand it, and once she has it, she'll start trying to stab her graham crackers with it. It's really quite a sight.

My favorite is when she eats yogurt. She starts getting fed up with the spoon and will stick her fingers in it. But she knows I get mad when she puts her fingers in it, so she'll like make eye contact with me (and we're talking a very intense stare) and not break it as she sticks her hands in the yogurt. It's like she's thinking, "Okay, if she's watching my face, she can't see my hands." I make sure she knows she's not supposed to do it every time, but inside I'm secretly laughing. The first time she was having a hard time getting the spoon in the little yogurt bottle, so I put it in a bowl for her. I turned my back to her, and when I looked again, her whole face was in the bowl. She was just licking it off the bottom. It was pretty funny.

This weekend was a lot of fun. We got to go Cross Country skiing on Saturday. Then we went to a friend's house to play games. Then today we had some friends over from college to play some games. It was great seeing them again.
Overall, it was a great week!

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