Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Beloved President Hinckley

On Sunday night we had some friends over and were playing games when one of them got a call. When he hung up the phone, he looked at us a bit shocked and said, "Hey Guys, President Hinckley Just Died."

At first I was just shocked. Then I felt so sad to loose him. But almost immediately after feeling the sting of sorrow, my heart filled with joy as I realized, that he was once again reunited with his beloved wife.

My favorite memory of President Hinckley was when I was attending conference in the conference center. After the session was over President Hinckley got up to leave. On his way out he took his cane and bopped the head of one of the brethren! It wasn't hard, and the man was laughing, but I couldn't believe what I had just seen. It was so funny! Here was this prophet of God, and he was joking around with his friends! It was awesome! Suddenly he was a very real person to me. I will always treasure seeing that moment.

I will miss my beloved prophet, but I am grateful for all he did while he was alive, and that he is now with all his loved ones who have passed on before him.

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