Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I love my baby girl!

Geez! What a week! But before I get into this week, there are a few things I forgot to tell you about last week.

There are three big things that Addison started doing.

First, She started feeding herself. I was feeding her yogurt one day and she grabbed the spoon and tried to put it back in the yogurt cup. I helped her get some yogurt on it, and she's been feeding herself ever since. She still needs help, and it makes quite the mess, but she is getting better every day.

Next, she has started mimicking like crazy! The other day we were all taking a shower. Bart was holding Addison and I was washing my face. Bart started laughing. I couldn't open my eyes because I would get soap in them, so I asked, "What are you laughing at?" Bart said, "Addison saw you wash your face, so she started washing her face." Then I took her and Bart washed his hair, Addison started washing her hair! It was so funny.

The next day Addison saw me finish my cereal, pick up my bowl, and drink the milk out of it. She didn't have a bowl, so she started whining for mine. I wasn't sure what she wanted with it because there was nothing left in it, but when she had it, she put it up to her mouth like she was drinking out of it. It was so funny!

The third is somewhat related to the first. It's pretend play. Monday Addison threw up, so she couldn't go to preschool on Tuesday. She got up early, and when Bart went to take his shower and get ready for work, all she wanted was Daddy. So I took her into the bathroom so that she could at least be near him. While we were in there, she went to our shampoo and conditioner bottles on the side of the tub, hit the top a few times (they are pump bottles, so she's seen Bart & I pump them to get shampoo and conditioner) then put her hands to her hair and rubbed around. She was pretending to wash her hair. Then she did it again, and walked over to me and reached for my head and started whining. I bent over and she rubbed her hands on my head pretending to wash my hair! It was soooooooooo cute!

Which brings me to this week. As I mentioned, Addison threw up on Monday...and Tuesday...and Wednesday. Ironically she hasn't had the flu. She had an ear infection that just got out of hand!

Last week we took her to the Doctor's because she wasn't acting like herself, and he said she had a mild ear infection. He said that there was an 85% chance that she'd recover on her own, but he gave us a prescription and said to fill it if the symptoms got worse. Monday after she got a fever and threw up, we filled it.

She had a fever of 101 off and on from Monday to Wednesday. On Wednesday, I thought for sure she was over it. She had a great day. Everything was totally normal, then at about 9:00 (two hours after we put her down for the night) she woke up with a 101.4 degree temperature and threw up. :o(

Thursday everything was normal except she was fussy. She still didn't sleep well that night. She was still really fussy on Friday too, and FINALLY on Saturday we got our happy little girl back. It made for a very long week for me, but such is life.

There were two things that she did this week that just leave me in awe of her.

First of all, she grabbed Bart's keys, walked over to our front door, and tried to put the keys in the door knob.

I have NO idea where she learned that keys go in door knobs. I don't think she's seen either of us put a key in a door for months. (At least since November). Whenever it's just me driving, I go in through our garage (we keep the garage door unlocked). And when Bart & I are together, and do go in the front door, He unlocks the door while I get Addison out of her car seat. The car with her car seat in it has a blue tooth key so that all we have to do is have the key on our person to unlock the door and start the car. The only time I can think that she's seen either of us use a key in a door is when Bart was picking her up from my sister's house, but that ended way back in November! Yet somehow she figured out that keys go in doors! I love my smart little girl.

Next, and this one is almost more amazing to me, she grabbed Bart's iTrip, and tried to plug the part that goes in the cigarette lighter into the dashboard of her play car. I seriously can't figure this one out. That iTrip has been plugged into our car since last Christmas. We RARELY ever take it out! I don't know how she knew what it was, let alone which side was supposed to be plugged into a car...and how she knew that her play car was the equivalent of our real car! I swear my baby's a genius! Did I mention that I love my baby girl!
Yesterday we all went to Chuck-E-Cheese for Benjamin's (Tabitha & Jonathan's son) Birthday. It was a lot of fun. Addison loved the giant animal machines on the stages. She also loved the little trolley you can ride on. Haas' daughter, Jade invited Addison to play a stomping game. She loved that too. Overall we had a great time. It was good hanging out with friends too. And the best part was, on the way home she was so exhausted, she fell asleep in her car seat. We were even able to transfer her up to her room and she was still asleep! It was great!

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