Saturday, January 25, 2014

She Likes to Read

This little lady is a SERIOUS reader.
A 7 Year old curled up on a red couch reading

She has to read 20 minutes a day for school, but I'm pretty sure she'd read all day long if I let her (and if she has a book she likes, it's hard to convince her to stop for ANYHTING).

A 7 Year old reading on a red couch

She's only in first grade and she's seriously just plowing though chapter books.

A 7 Year old reading yawning on a red couch with a book in her hand

What is she currently reading you ask?

A 7 Year old reading The Hobbit on a red couch

Yep, you saw that right.  My first grader is currently reading the Hobbit! That book that I couldn't stand in 7th grade!  (Don't worry, I since have repented and mended my ways, but I still can't believe she hast the patience to read it...let alone likes it). 

A little girl reading the Hobbit

Albeit, she has told me she like to skip through it and read the parts she likes.   Bart read it to her last year as a bedtime story, so she knows the story.  But still.  I'm impressed.  I hope her love of reading lasts forever.

So many Books, So Little Time

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