Thursday, January 09, 2014

Building Olaf

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Over Christmas Break we took the girls to see Disney’s Frozen.  From then on the talk was all about Olaf.  Addison and her friends were quoting his song.  Hannah was giggling about Olaf-related things they had done at preschool.  And the twins were constantly making Olaf knock knock jokes that made no sense whatsoever.

So it didn’t surprise me that, when the kids woke up to a heavy snowfall yesterday morning, the first thing out of their mouths was, “We can build Olaf!”  And as soon as Addison’s homework and piano were done they bundled up and braved the cold to make good on their plans. 

Although, when it came to the building part, Addison and Hannah did most of the work.
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The twins more...just played in the snow.
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If you have to bear through a bitterly cold winter, I suppose this is a good way to spend it.
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And I must admit, the resemblance is uncanny.
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Ashley said...

So cute!!