Sunday, November 03, 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween 2013.  That kind of has a ring to it doesn't it?  It feels like all Halloweens should be "Halloween 2013."  Well, even though they can't be, we did had a great Halloween 2013. 

Last year my mom found some AWESOME pig costumes in an after-Halloween sale.  Wanting to go with a theme, I started looking for a matching pig costume for Hannah, and tried to explain to Addison why being the big bad wolf would be SUPER COOL.  Addison wasn't going for it.  We settled on Little Red Riding Hood instead. So I began trying to explain to Bart why being the big bad wolf would be SUPER COOL.

Apparently I'm not a very convincing person because, not only were my efforts to convince Bart to dress up fruitless, Hannah suddenly wanted to be Snow White instead. It also didn't help that the only other matching pig costume I could find was for an 18 month old. I finally just scrapped the whole story book theme.  We were able to talk Hannah into being a bride though.  (My mom already had that costume too).  My sister got married this month, so she was pretty excited to be aunt Amy for Halloween.

The Characters

It took me a while to convince Maya that she didn't have to stop and look at me every time I took a picture.

The One Who Looks

Realizing that the people behind every door she knocked on gave her candy did help though.  She and Lilly pretty much thought that was the best thing ever.  They keep asking me if they can put their costumes back on and go trick-or-treating again.  As if they don't have enough candy to last a lifetime!

The Candy Lovers

"Where are you going little girl?"
"To my Grandma's house"
See?  It could have been so cool!
_MG_1616 copy

Oh well, we all had a good time anyway.
 The Trick or Treating

The twins weren't too sure about this house.  I can't blame them though, the glowing eyes on that gargoyle kind of freaked me out too. 

Untitled-1 copy

Even though I didn't get my dream theme this year, it was still a great Halloween.  :)

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Jenna and Daniel said...

Ha ha! They looked so cute. Sorry about the book theme, it was a great idea. But they all looked great, and it looks like they had fun! It is so hard to understand after Halloween...We have to wait another year? Does that mean tomorrow? Ha ha. Good luck with that.