Friday, June 01, 2012

The Way I View - Motherhood

The theme this month for our "The Way I View" blog circle is Motherhood.


I hand very grandiose plans for my pictures this month.  They were going to be tender, loving, happy, wonderful.  Yeah, you all were going to cry...and then motherhood happened.  Things got busy, kids were crazy, schedules were full, the house was dirty, etc.

I originally wanted the pictures done by Mother's Day, then I figured it'd be fine if they were done the week after Mother's Day, then as long as they were done before our Moab trip, then I knew I'd have more time this week to get them done, and lo and behold, tonight as I'm putting the older girls down for bed I realize, "Oh my gosh, it's the last day of the month and I haven't done the motherhood pictures."  And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the way I view motherhood. Te he he.

I thought about copping out and just pulling together some pictures I got this month of my kids doing the crazy things that I absolutely love about them, but then I thought, "NO! If I don't get pictures of me with my kids now, when will I do it next?!?"  So I grabbed my camera, tripod and shutter release and took them upstairs to get some pictures with my older girls before all the evening light disappeared.  This was the result:



Oh how I wish life could be about blankies and barbies forever.



So there you go, that's the way I view motherhood.  Mostly improvised, not quite perfect, rough around the edges, but a whole lot of fun.


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Candice Craig said...

It is just you & I this month! Oh well. I love the silly pics. Your girls are beautiful!!

carrie said...

Love this series!! Our son is still in the anti-camera phase, but I'm hoping he grows out of it soon ;)

cee + kell said...

I LOVE this, friend. There is such beauty in these pics. And a poignancy in how they came to be that is totally tearing me up. Cheers to the perfect imperfection of motherhood. Well captured!