Friday, May 04, 2012

The Twins - 18 Months Old

The other day I had ALL of the girls up and dressed with their hair done before I took Addison and Hannah to preschool.  This is actually a pretty big deal for me.  Most of the time I am proud of myself if I can get Addison and Hannah dressed before we go.

Then, on the way home, I saw this beautiful light coming through the trees and I decided, on a whim, I would try and get some 18 month old pictures of the twins.  (I can't believe they'll be 18 months old this month!)  Let me tell you, I am SOOOOOOO glad I did!  These are probably my favorite pictures I've taken of them...EVER!


They were a little hesitant at first.  I plopped them down in the middle of this clearing and they looked at me like, " this some sort of trick?  Are you going to force us back into the stroller as soon as we start playing?"
When they finally decided I wasn't going to snatch them up the second they moved, they started exploring.  Twins3



Do you see the spout of hair on top of that little girl's head.  She has more hair than any of my other kids at this age hands down!

Alright, so technically Lilly's hair wasn't done...but I did comb it.

The poor thing actually saw me putting a rubber band in Maya's hair and found a rubber band, handed it to me and pointed to her head.  I tried.  I swear I tried.  But there's just not enough hair there Lilly!  I'm sorry...hopefully for your two year old pictures.

And this picture on the right of Lilly.  Hands down my favorite picture of her to date!  And I love that one of Maya's little tongue too! I LOVE these babies!


I may have to get everyone ready early more often!


Kerry and Erin's Photography Journey said...

These are beautiful!

janae said...

Wow! The lighting and background are perfect. I can't believe you did this on a whim!

Heather Francis said...

I love, love, love these pictures. Thats awesome you had them in coordinating outfits and you had your camera with you! I seem to miss a lot of moments because I forget my camera. Great job!!