Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Potty Training...Again...Sort Of

So, as I mentioned in an earlier post, Hannah pretty much has been trying to potty train herself. As I also mentioned before, I just couldn't handle it...it took too much time, clean up, and focus...I was doing my best to discourage her. (I won't be getting the parent of the year award this year...or any time soon for that matter). My friend Janae told me how she just potty trained her kid on the big toilet. That way, not only was there less clean up, but they also wouldn't stick with it unless they were very determined.

Well, I hid the little potty, and told her she was more than welcome to go on the big toilet like the rest of us. She tried it once, and decided it wasn't for her....until last week.

She came to me and said, "Stinky!" which is how she tells me it's time to change her diaper...only when I opened her diaper, it was clean.

I asked her, "Hannah, do you need to go popo?"

She nodded.

"Would you like to go on the big toilet?"

Another nod.

So we rushed off to the bathroom.

Sure enough, within seconds of sitting on the toilet, she had gone. She did it again the next day. Then we went to California and we didn't even bother trying, but we're back now, and she did it again today. She comes to us and lets us know whenever she needs to go popo.

I hear that normally training for popo is harder than pee, but for Addison it was the opposite, and I have a feeling for Hannah it's going to be the same.

And, also like her sister, she insists that you leave the bathroom when she's going. She wants you be just outside the door so she can call for you when she's done, but while she's going, she wants to be alone, so I leave her alone. Now if only I can convince her to do the same for me.


Jenna and Daniel said...

Wow that is great. I haven't even tried potty training Gwen. She tells us when she needs a bum change. She doesn't even act interested. We bought her a little potty, but she just thinks it is a chair. Hmm, great advice on the big toilet. Thanks.

janae said...

Hahaha - I totally laughed out loud at that last comment. :) Another advantage to big toilets: the kids can actually use the restroom outside the house. When we tried other options, we couldn't leave the house because Seara refused to use a big toilet. Ugh. Good luck potty training! Your method right now (of helping her go when she wants, but not forcing her into undies) worked like a charm on Lija. When we switched to undies (after 3 weeks of several times a day, and a week straight of only toilet) he was basically done.