Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Potty Training

Well, Hannah's pretty much potty training herself. She's been sitting on her potty for a while now, and at the end of January (the 27th to be precise) we were even able to put her on it before she was finished pooping.

But, frankly, it was a pain. I had a potty full of poop to clean, and Hannah insists on wiping herself...a NIGHTMARE when you have a shallow kid potty full of poop & she's reaching on there to wipe (I tried to get her to stand up and wipe...right after I tried to convince her to let me wipe her...this one's stubborn).

Fortunately she likes washing her hands. Unfortunately she likes washing her hands a lot...over & over. And she screams and cries when I make her stop. All in all it was too much...especially with babies needing me the whole time. I vowed not to potty train her until the twins were at least 6 months old.

Well Hannah apparently doesn't care what I think. Yesterday she came to me and, pointing to her diaper said, "poopoo" then pointing to the bathroom said "potty!"

"Uh oh," I thought & checked her diaper. Sure enough, empty. I said, "Hannah, just go in your diaper." (in my defense, the babies were crying.) She looked very crossly at me pointed to her diaper & said, "poopoo" then at the bathroom & said "potty!"

"ah fine" I groaned & opened the bathroom door for her.

She was successful, & I spent the next half hour dealing with potty stuff, hoping it was a fluke. But alas, today she once again came to me with the infamous, "poopoo" "potty!". And this time she peed too! It took forever for Addison to pee in the potty. Sigh. If I didn't have two very demanding little ones I'd be thrilled. But things being the way they are, I've decided to get a little seat cover for the toilet. If she insists on potty training herself despite my best efforts, she's going to go in a place where all I have to do to clean up is flush.


Tabitha said...

Ugh! Clean up is the worst part of potty training. Daniel is trying to potty train himself too, but he's so inconsistent. Somedays he won't wear a diaper and other days he won't have anything to do with the potty.

I'm annoyed with it and I only have 1 baby that needs me. I can't imagine how it is for you! Good luck, I hope Hannah learns quickly.

janae said...

I so know what it's like to have your kid try to potty train themselves when you aren't quite ready! UGH!

So, funny - my sister potty trained her first with a kid potty, she ditched that after one kid and went to a child toilet seat for her second, and ditched that for her third and trained him straight on the toilet. Taking her advice, I skipped the kid potty altogether and did the child toilet seat for my first two (since I trained them together). With Enoch I ended up ditching everything altogether and I trained him straight on the toilet. It was the easiest deal yet. Plus, it's a little frightening at first, so she'll only keep up on it if she is completely ready and determined. :)

Whatever you do, GOOD LUCK!!!!

The Foulgers said...

Oh my goodness, isn't she really tiny to be doing that? I don't know if that is a blessing or a curse, but good luck. BTW I love the new header, too cute!

Polly said...

I always used the little seat attachments, where everything falls directly into the big toilet. Then I'd always rinse the plastic seat in hot water. It is so easy to use. There's no way I wanted to be fishing out poop out of those baby seats. Good luck.