Wednesday, April 06, 2011

I think Lilly Discovered Maya Today

I know it sounds weird, but Lilly and Maya NEVER look at each other. I've put them on their sides facing each other so that their noses were almost touching and their eyes would dart everywhere else but at each other. It was like they were intentionally avoiding eye contact.

Well, today I was nursing them and Lilly un-latched and her eyes wandered over to Maya. She looked a little startled, then got this big smile and started babbling away, talking to her sister. It was awesome!

As for Maya, well she just kept on eating.



Erika Hill said...

Maybe they had a big tussle in the womb, and they're just now starting to forgive one another?

Lisa said...

LOL she just kept eating.. thats awesome! Callianna likes to chat and look around while eating. She loves to take her sweet little time