Tuesday, April 05, 2011


So, Thursday afternoon my Grandma and Grandpa Collyer called and told me they were coming to Utah for their mission reunion so they wanted to visit me the next day. SWEET!

Then, about an hour later, Bart's aunt called to say they were coming and were thinking about bringing Grandma (Francis) so she could visit and meet the twins if that was alright with us. HECK YEAH!

So the next day I got to visit with not one, but THREE of my grandparents! It was the best April Fools day ever!

And of course we got lot of pictures. :) I was thinking about just posting one or two, but pictures of my grandparents just make me so happy! Every time I look at them my heart just swells! I love my grandparents so much. So I decided to just share them all with you. :)

Grandma and Grandpa Collyer and the Twins:



Grandma Francis with the Twins

Okay, I just have to say. I LOVE this next picture of Grandma Francis and Maya. Not only do I think she looks just beautiful in it, but to me, it perfectly reflects a part of her personality. When we had Addison (her first Great Grandchild) I remember Grandma telling us all she wanted was rock that baby on the rocking chair.

And she did! When Addison first met her Great Grandma Francis, she refused to go to sleep while anyone was sitting down with her. Well, Grandma changed that! She got in that rocking Chair with Addison and had her to sleep within minutes! It was incredible!

And the legacy continues. Maya isn't a fan of people sitting while holding her either, but she fell right asleep on Grandma's shoulder in the rocker. I love you Grandma!

And, while all the grandparents were here, we realized that we had an unusual opportunity. I had, in the same room, the girls only two living biological great grandmothers. (My Grandpa Timms is remarried and if Teresa had been here, I would have thrown her in the pictures too!) :) So I got a picture of the twins with their two living Great Grandmothers.

Ahh, I swear these pictures just make me so happy! GrandmaS and Grandpa, I LOVED visiting with you guys. Please, come again ANYTIME!


The Foulgers said...

ADORABLE! Those grandmas are just the cutest! What a special day you had! Thanks for sharing the pictures, they are precious and something you will always treasure.

Moonsahra said...

I especially love the pictures at the end of the two grandmas with the twins. And the twins are looking so much bigger now. They aren't the little preemies any more!

Christa Jeanne said...

That picture of Grandma Francis is stunning! So happy you got to see the grandmas. :) That you're so happy makes me so happy, friend.

Lori said...

Great pictures!