Tuesday, April 05, 2011

I Don't Like Restrictions

Particularly on where I can or cannot travel. And especially when those restrictions are imposed by my own government. I was reading this article today, and suddenly really wanted to go to Cuba!

Would it have the same appeal if US citizens weren't supposed to go there? I'm not sure. It seems like a very interesting place to visit. I had an Econ Teacher in High School who always used to tell us stories from when he sneaked into Cuba. And I always like learning about and seeing different cultures. But in all reality, my interest has been magnified simply by the fact that I'm not supposed to go.

I've never before wanted to be a citizen of another country, but right now I'd kill for dual citizenship in Canada...or better yet England! Oh, that reminds me of another place I'd like to visit...off to look for articles on Stone Henge.


Erika Hill said...

Brent really wants me to do a phd in Canada, and then maybe stay there...forever. We'll see. :)

janae said...

My older brother got to go to both Cuba and North Korea this last year for his grad work at Wharton. Of course, he had to get special permission, and he used his Canada passport. I'm so jealous because, you're right, the restriction just makes you want to go all the more.