Monday, March 28, 2011

It was fun being a mom again!

So last week, there was a morning when I actually felt like it was fun being a mom again! I know that sounds sad, but I don't really feel like it's sad. It's just life. Being a mom is work. It's AWESOME work, but a lot of times it's HARD work. And, like any other type of work, or job, there are easy times, and there are hard times.

Having a new baby is so so so so awesome. But I don't think there is a mom out there who wouldn't tell you it's also really tough. Babies demand so much time and attention, it really is hard. (Even without the challenges of being sleep deprived!) And, let me tell you, having two is MORE than twice as hard as having one!

I can get TONS done when I have just one baby. I can clear out the dishwasher, work on dinner, pick up toys, read stories, comfort another child, change laundry from the washer to the dryer, update blogs, make beds, and so much more WHILE NURSING one baby. (Seriously, I've done it).

But two is a whole new story. With one baby, you have one free hand to do things. When you have two babies, there are no extra hands. When I am nursing or holding the twins, I can get NOTHING else done. Well, since I have a huge nursing pillow, I can pretty much nurse tandem without using my hands, so I can read blogs or update facebook from my ipod, but that's about it. And when I'm just holding the twins, I can't even do that.

I nurse the twins A LOT! They're usually eating every 1 1/2 to 2 hours. And that's from the beginning of one feeding to the beginning of another feeding. When you take into account that they will eat anywhere from 20 to 45 min, that leaves me more like 1 to 1/2 hours in between feedings. And a lot of time, during that time, they're fussy, so I have to hold them. (Especially Lilly. Man, that baby is fussy! And if I'm holding Lilly, after a while Maya will begin to wonder why she's not being held to and start whining).

In short, lately, this mom job of mine has been in a hard phase. A VERY VERY hard phase.

But the Monday before last, the twins decided to be perfectly content in their little bouncer and car seat while I bathed myself, Hannah, and Addsion. Got all of us dressed, and fed all of us breakfast. And you know what, not having crying babies, and getting to interact with my kids without screaming in the background was actually fun! I thought, "Maybe we can go on a walk."

So I buckled the twins into their carseats, wrapped them in blankets, put on their little beanies, and clicked them into the stroller. Of course that's when they decided to start to cry. I could feel my stress levels rising, but I was DETERMINED to get out of the house for a little while and go on a walk, however short. So I put on Addison and Hannah's coats and PRAYED that the twins would settle down. Well they did and we got to walk for a little while. It was so nice. In fact, it was fun!

I can finally see a distant light at the end of this difficult tunnel. The twins are starting to take regular naps. (I can only get them to sleep at the same time about half the time during the day, but like I said before, I can do a lot with only one baby). And I think it won't be too long before they start really getting into a schedule and sleeping at the same time regularly (I hope). That will free up some much needed time for attention to my other two little girls. YAY!



Christa Jeanne said...

Oh, Rebecca, this just makes me want to give you a hug!!! A happy hug, because I'm so thrilled things are looking up, but also a comfort hug, since I know this has not been the easiest for you. You are SUCH a rockstar, though!!! You're an amazing mother, and I'm beyond delighted that you're starting to see things ease up. Love, love, love you, friend! <3

Ashley said...

I give it to ya 100+%!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!
I think about you ALL the time! I would love to come help you out sometime!!
love ya! :)

Judi said...

Hi Becca, found you here from clickinmoms and read your post. I have 4 kids, my middle are twins. There are days I didn't know how I'd make it. And I was smiling when reading you describe nursing them. Yes, smiling! Wow, I've been there!! Now my twins are 15 and I don't know how I turned around to find them grown out of their bouncy seats and out of diapers and done goes by quick. I'm so glad you're having fun again, you're going to be great!

Bart's Rebecca said...

Thanks Judi! It's always nice hearing from people who have been through it. It makes me think, "okay, she survived, I can survive too!" :)